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Last Updated 25th December 2017

About Us

From the beginning….

The Healthy Living Club was born with ideas from what was then Age Concern, they held weekly meetings in Bowes House, Battle Road.

Hailsham Trust then took the Healthy Living Club on, and moved to the Community Centre on the Diplocks Estate.

After a short period there, Hailsham Trust was Merged with SCDA ,Sussex Community Development Association, and the Healthy Living Club moved again, this time to the Methodist Church, in the High St. Opposite the Grenadier Public House.

A much better location.

SCDA decided to put a committee in place, duly elected by the user base, to manage the Healthy Living Club, but we are just not a group of volunteers managing, we are fundraising and everything a paid committee would do, and so in 2015 the Healthy Living Club committee was born, and it has gone from strength to strength with, financial aid coming from certain quarters, and the help of SCDA here in Hailsham.

But we are not blind, we appreciate that funding from all quarters is slowly ceasing to be available, and we have put a business plan in place to cover us for 3 years, but it is not just 3 years, if we meet all our targets, we should then be in a position to be totally financially Sound for the future.